The House Without Many Walls and Floors

This is the most interesting house I ever seen. With a few doors and big rectangular holes in walls and floors, this house from Tokyo, the capital of Japan, is created by the Japanese studio Hiroyuki Shinozaki Architects. The connections between House’s T rooms are everywhere. That`s because between some of the rooms there are no walls and in the center of the house there’s no floor. The house looks just like some bookshelves where the furniture is carefully placed. From a room you can go to another, without opening any door. Wooden ladders and staircases with build-in storage make the connection between the studio that covers all the ground floor and the dining room or the kitchen that are at the levels above.

With little furniture and different shapes of lamps that hang all over the place, the house keeps a very luxurious atmosphere. So, no matter what daily activity you do on this house, you share it with your family, because there are no walls between you. The only rooms with a door are the bathrooms, but I can’t imagine them without a door.

The good thing of this house is that you couldn’t be afraid to sleep alone in your room and the bad thing is that you`re in danger if you’re a sleepwalker. The only hard thing is that you have to take care at night, not to wake up and walk to the bathroom without going down the stairs. And no toddlers should live in this house because they could easily fall.

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