The house that looks like a Tram

This unique house, both in shape and design, looks like the Lego projects you did when you were little. Without any hesitations, this awesome looking house from Melbourne, Australia was made for a family’s children enough old to live by their selves and for guest that the family had. Named by them the “dream house”, this amazing propriety with two levels looks just like a tramway, with big windows all over the place and with most of the rooms located at the lower level. The designer from Vibe Design Group made this choice because of the owner’s passion for vehicles. So, you can easily pass from a room to another.

With a dynamic form, this luxurious house has all the things you need. And the best part is that at the first floor you find the dining and living room with a fireplace and a wall-mounted TV, a bedroom, the kitchen or the laundry, without making too much movement.Most of the doors are disguised and there are irregular shaped places all over the place for giving fluidity and functionality to this amazing home. The best part is situated at the upper level, where we find an “isolated apartment” for the children or for guests. So, you can stay there and nobody will disturb you.

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Very fancy on the inside and very well designed, the house’s outdoors look awesome as well. Here you can find a swimming pool and of course a garden, where you can spend you evenings. It`s the perfect home not just for visiting a part of Australia, but also for living and doing your day by day activities.



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