The House that looks like a Shell

When you love your home, you’ll want to take it with you everywhere. Imagine how easy would be to carry all your things with you when you move. Maybe the future will bring us such a benefit, but until then, we will present you a prefab house the amazing designer Andrej Cverha made. In fact, it is a mobile house that suits almost in every environment or climate, like the designer himself said. You just have to accept the idea that you don’t live in a brick home and try new things as this amazing shaped home.

In fact, the most interesting part is that you can easily add floors or levels to it if you need more space.The entire concept of the “dream house” changes as this awesome home.It looks like it is inspired by a tent, not only for the shape but also for the amazing idea that you can put it anywhere you want. Imagine, you just have to chose your surroundings and wake up every morning in a luxurious and modern home and see your favorite places.

Fancy, luxurious and with an amazing shape, this home looks like it is cut out from a S.F. magazine or brought from a movie about the future, this home actually makes us think that everything is possible. I am sure this revolutionary concept will change people’s or architects ideas of building houses. You can take your home and go to your favorite place on earth like a snail carries his shell. You’re always going to be home. Or, you can use it like a vacation house and I bet all your friends will be surprised. If you were to ask me, I’d say that this is the greatest invention in the world.

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