The House That Has An Entire Garden On Its Roof

The green roof concept is taken to a new level by projects such as the garden House. This was in fact a unique project completed by Hayhurst and Co. in 2015. The studio’s inventive use of materials and creative response to everyday routines and needs allowed this house to become a one-of-a-kind structure.

Garden House brick walls

The Garden House is situated in London on a site that measures only 99 square meters. There used to be an old workshop from the mid 1990s here. The original brick walls were preserved and integrated into the new building.

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The house was built for a couple from Whitaker Malem, a company that specializes in costumes for the fashion, film and art industry. The clients wanted it to take advantages of the site and surroundings as best as possible.


Garden House hallway

To maximize the usable space and the natural light that enters the house, the layout and the design and structure of the house were optimized for this purpose. For example, the roof has three different pitches with various skylights embedded in it.

Garden House staircase and shelves

The entry into the house is through a winter garden. It leads into a hallway with large skylights and stainless steel elements that reflect the light like mirrors. From here, one can enter into the living area.

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Garden House interior stairs

Garden House stairs sculptural design

A staircase leads to the areas on the upper floor. It was carefully designed to let light shine without obstructing any of the zones. It continues under the ceiling to form white steel shelves for storage.

Garden House kitchen interior

The ground floor serves as a gallery for the owner’s personal art collection and creations. The whole zone is a large display area for artwork of all types. The overall interior design and décor are simple and meant to maximize the space.

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The upper floor is lined with oak paneling so the ambiance here is more welcoming and cozy. This is where the more private spaces are situated. The studio doubles as a fitting room and a gallery where the owners’ personal work is displayed.

Garden House roof corner view

Garden House roof seen from above

But the most interesting feature about this house can’t be seen inside. That role is actually performed by the green roof. The unusual thing is that the roof doubles as a hanging garden. Stainless steel profiles are hung over a membrane and this allows the owners to grow all sorts of tings here.

Garden House roof with planters

Garden House terraced roof

Garden House angled roof

The green roof is a very visually dramatic feature which gives this otherwise very simple and modest-looking structure a unique and eye-catching look. The concept is definitely ingenious and could serve as a prototype for other future projects, inspiring new constructions and renovations in the area.

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Garden House roof and window

Garden House roof planters and windows

Garden House roof planter close view



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