The House on Stairs

Who said you can’t build a house on a steep terrain? In fact, the house would look more interesting. For example, the architects of the design studio Westphal & Kosciuk Architects managed to complete the DLW House in 2011, in Florianopolis, Brazil.  The main desire of the owners of this amazing propriety was to keep some of the rooms in line so the natural light and the ventilation would circulate better. And of course, the solution came fast, and they had to lift the living block onto a cantilever that floats above the driveway. It was also the perfect thing to preserve the view of the city and the sea, and keep a nice atmosphere around the house.

The home has three levels. The first one has the lovely terrace from where you can watch the amazing view. Also, on the first floor you can find the kitchen, the service area and a workshop that has an access point to the yard. The master bedroom is upstairs, near the guest’s bedroom and an office. As for the low level, of course here is the garage, the entrance hall, a warehouse and an indoor play quarter separate from this space. As you can see in the pictures, the grey color separates this level from the others.

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The modern and fancy furniture fits perfectly with the well positioned rooms and give the home a very nice and cozy atmosphere. And the most amazing thing is that from each window you can see the amazing surroundings. So, imagine the lovely evenings when you`ll spend time with your family and you watch the city lights shining.



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