The home inside a home: rustic and modern in the same time

This is a very uncommon structure, if not maybe unique. It’s a home, a modern one, inside which there’s another smaller home, a rustic one this time. And there’s a reason why this structure looks like this. It’s because when the owners first bough this piece of lands, they discovered that there was a small yellow construction there. And as they tries to strip away the yellow paint from this house, they has yet another surprise by finding some ancient Vilnius bricks that were used in the construction of that little yellow house that than turned out to be a cannon foundry. So they decided to completely restore it.

And because it was a little too small for what they had planned, they decided to build another bigger home around it. The new structure was mainly made of glass that allows 360 degree views of the amazing landscape and acts like a protective shield that covers the valuable prize inside. Theirs is a also a modern and beautiful staircase to the outer part of the old building.

It’s an unusual structure, but it turned out to be very practical and beautiful. It has it all: a rustic structure with great historical value, complemented by a contrastive modern addition. A strange combination, but the result turned out to be quite beautiful. It’s a nice example of how you can turn something unexpected in a functional and benefic family home.The entire project was done by Architectural Bureau G.Natkevicius & Partners.

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