The highly modern Feldbalz House – a dream home coming true

There are many modern homes that we have described so far. However, just because they fall into the same category doesn’t mean they have much in common. In fact, each one of them is unique and can be analyzed only from an individual point of view. The Feldbalz House for example, is a highly modern residence with no other type of influences.

The house was designed by Gus Wustemann. Even though the style is modern, the architecture clearly distinguishes itself from among the rest of the structures from the same category. Structurally, the house was designed and organized according to the needs of both children and parents. The result was the division into three zones. The first zone coincides with the ground level and it’s a space designed for the children. This large area opens towards the garden and the patio and offers access to the swimming pool.

The second zone is a shared space that includes the family living spaces. The third and last one is occupied by the parents and it’s a private area. The house was functionally organized and its design focused more on cleverly using the space and less on the appearance. All the areas are airy, spacious and uncluttered. They were individually designed to meet the specific requirements of the clients. It’s a dream family home.{pics by Bruno}.

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