The Hidden Valley Vacation House

Who could imagine that someone could spend his/her  holiday in a house in the middle of red rock formations and cliffs,  in the arid desert of Moab, Utah? Definitely, not too many people! However,  it is real; it is the Hidden Valley House, a prefabricated house located in Moab, Utah and was projected by Marmol Radziner. Even from the beginning, it was designed as a vacation home, situated on an open site, celebrating nature. It has five interior modules and seven deck modules and there are living spaces both inside and outside.

Sustainable materials were used and the result was a complete house, which seems to be unreal. The building in itself proves to be an open plan, with floor-to-ceiling windows, which represent the perfect way of admiring the beauty of the landscape. The front entry reveals the pool, another way of spending time in a pleasant manner. Although it is a prefabricated house, it seems to defy nature through its own existence.

The interior is very attractive, from the modern and simple kitchen and living room, to the cozy bedroom, which is harmoniously colored. The simple green painting on the wall matches with the green lamp near the bed and with the grey-white room. The entire house seems to be the expression of modernity, in contrast with the wild landscape, but every little corner from both areas deserves to be seen.

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