The H House in Maastricht, Netherlands

Sometimes people, especially the ones who are good at architecture themselves, do not get satisfaction from living in a normal looking house and design one themselves and after that they will live in the house of their dreams. It will be personalized and unique, built according to their own ideas. The H House in Maastrich, Netherlands is a very good example, as it was designed by a couple of artists who are at the same time architects, too, and wanted to live in a special house that will be full of light. That is why they wanted to use a lot of glass.

The house has only two walls made of concrete and the rest is made of glass. The glass was chosen depending on its occasion and on how transparent it was because the  places in the house that are supposed to remain intimate are protected by opaque glass and the rest by more transparent one. But the glass, no matter how opaque r transparent leaves the sunlight go through it and the house is lit all day long. At night, those living in it protect their privacy with long curtains. The architecture of this building is pretty original, having unexpected corners and different angles . It covers 300 square meters and was built in 2010.

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