The green, prefab Cleft House by Culver Architects

The Cleft House is a contemporary residence that was recently built in Venice, United States. It’s a prefab house and it was built so fast that neighbors and architecture office were very curious about how the builders managed to do that. The Cleft House was designed and built by Culver Architects. Even though the actual construction was very fast, the preparation process was long and difficult.

Before getting to build the house, the architects had to deal with a series of budgetary, governmental and spatial constraints. The solution they found for all those problems was to build a prefab house. They also used the footprints of two existing cottages. Some of the original elements were preserved. However, the amount of innovative structures makes them almost invisible. The house features a steel frame, factory built and made from renewable and recyclable waste steel. The strong and sturdy skeleton was built extremely fast.

The cleft House also has a green design. It features highly-insulated R-30 recycled foam on the inside and pre-finished automotive grade steel on the outside. The panels were easily and quickly installed. The house has three stories. They are all very bright and filled with natural light coming from the huge windows. The residence was also designed into two units, each with its own function. They merge beautifully and feature a continuous design.

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