The Glass Facade House in Muñopepe, Spain

This contemporary residence is the Heute House. It’s a beautiful home and it’s located in Muñopepe, Spain. The Huete House was a project by BmasC Arquitectos. It sits at the foot of Avila mountains, in Muñopepe, in the boundary between the foothills and the village and it offer amazing views of the surroundings.

The Huete House features an almost all glass façade. This minimizes the boundaries between interior and exterior spaces and it also lets all the natural light get inside. This way the interior is bright and beautiful. The Huete House is a sort of residence located at the limit between urban and rural, between nature and artificial. It’s also an environmentally sensitive residence.

The spare clay bricks that resulted after the construction have been recycled and got a new function. They all have been cut into three pieces. The ones on the sides are 4 cm wide and they will be used as ceramic tiles in the northern façade. The central ones will be recycled as a ceramic block for the south fence. Nothing is lost this way. The Huete House is a modern residence, with a contemporary design and an elegant and inviting interior décor. It’s a lovely family home, with spacious rooms and lots of storage space. Also, the views are amazing.{found on architezer}

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