The Gingerbread House in Utah

I am sure you all know the story of “Hansel and Gretel” with the two kids that get lost in the woods and see a gingerbread house while wandering through the forest. Well, it is a challenge for the imagination of all children to make up the image of a gingerbread house. Of course famous sweets shops had some gingerbread houses displayed on Christmas or Easter, but they were small. So I couldn’t stop wondering what a real size gingerbread house would look like. That is until I found this Gingerbread House in Utah on the Internet.

It is located in Park City, Utah and belongs to a nice family that offers them to tourists who want to admire the wonderful mountain scenery around. The guests will enjoy a nice stay and benefit from the warmth of the local people and the comfort of the four suites with a big dining room and each of them having nice fireplaces that work on gas. They also have the possibility to have a healthy organic breakfast there and stay for as long as they want to. The house is also available for wedding parties and other celebrations. And yes, it does look like the gingerbread house in the story.

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