The Friendly and Cheerful Ecole Maternelle Pajol Kindergarten

Ecole Maternelle Pajol Kindergarten is a colorful school located in Paris. The building of the school was originally created in the 1940s. This meant it has lots of beautiful and irreplaceable architectural details as well as a rich history. These were elements that deserved to be preserved throughout the years. However, the school needed to be brought up to date and to also have an attractive interior and exterior design, especially since it’s attended by children.

The school has been recently renovated by architecture firm Palatre et Leclere. The architects tried to find a way to combine both visions and to incorporate the building’s original structure and unique details into a new and attractive design. They preserved the structure of the building is order to keep its historic roots and history intact. Also, they brought the school back to life by using vibrant colors and by updating the interior. This way the school is both bold and rich in historical details.

The vibrant colors start on the walls of the building and make their way onto the ground and the outdoor features. They also invade the interior. The color palette is very bold and includes rich colors and strong shades. The interior is very colorful and features a modern design. It’s fun and youthful, almost like a cartoon. The architects tried to impersonate the children attending the school and really captured their essence and created a very suitable and fun educational environment. Here, school is almost like a giant playground, only visually of course.

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