The Flintstones Cartoons House

When I first saw these pictures, I had a flash with me, being a child and looking at The Flintstones cartoons. This unique house currently belongs to American producer/ actor Dick Clark, but in the future, it can be yours because it is on the market at the price of $3,500,000. Perched on a headland in Malibu, this one-of-a-kind  retreat is offering an amazing full rotation panorama of the Pacific Ocean, Channel Islands, Boney Mountains, Serrano Valley and Los Angeles.

The property is positioned on a staggering 22,89 acres of land, and contains one bedroom, two bathrooms, a fully functional caveman kitchen and a Neolithic décor throughout. Outside, we can admire a beautiful landscaped garden with many plants and rocks, just like in the Stone Age.  The interior is decorated with pieces of furniture carefully picked up not to disturb the “natural” environment, and it  communicates with the exterior view through some large, frameless and organic in appearance expanses of glass nestled in natural, irregular shaped surrounds.

The cavernous dining room houses an interesting table near a wood burning fireplace, a room decorated with antique lamps, objects of art and plants. The spacious bedroom communicates with the rest of the house, because there is no door to isolate the chamber. This is a place with comfortable furniture and decorations made of stone, a place with a beautiful view to the ocean and nature. Surprisingly, the kitchen and bathroom are equipped with quality appliances, like a Jacuzzi and a stainless steel oven incorporated in custom made furniture.

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