The Finn red-glazed brick blade house in Australia

The Finn House sits quietly among tee trees and coastal scrub on the Silverleaves fireshore and the only visible elements are a pair of glistering red fins. These unusual details were created on the client’s request who wanted a “grand gesture on limited means”. The Finn House was designed and built by Monique Brady-Ward & Scott Woodward from WoodWoodWard Architecture. It’s located in Silverleaves, Victoria, Australia.The residence was designed for the architect’s parents. They were a horticulturalist and an owner of a timber mill.They wanted a house by the beach and not a beach house. It was a very clear distinction that helped the architects understand exactly what they wanted. The clients wanted to have sitting spaces for all seasons so that they would be able to feel close to nature and to enjoy its beauty at all times.

The house features two striking red-glazed brick blade walls, two unusual elements that cut through the site and organizes the property into linear bands. These areas include a services strip, a private area and a public zone. The services area has access to a roof deck. The house also features a large master bedroom and several guest rooms. The public areas have been placed into a glass box.

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The Finn House has five levels and they are all connected by a continuous corkscrew staircase located between the two blade walls. The visual impact of this residence is very strong. It’s exactly what the clients wanted: a maximum effect through an economy of means. The cost of the project was kept to a minimum and yet the house is very appealing and very efficient.{found on archdaily and pics by John Gollings}.



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