The Fai-Fah Prachautis project by Sparch

This colorful building was created as part of a larger project called Fai-Fah. Fai Fah actually means “light energy” and it’s a corporate social responsibility programme (CSR). It was initiated in April 2010 by TMB Bank. As part of the programme, Sparch was asked in October 2010 to design Fai-Fah Prachautis. This project involved the refurbishment of two shop houses from a residential district of Bangkok, Thailand.

The programme was initiated as an attempts to make some changes in the Thai society by using art as a tool for creative thinking.Underprivileged children and teenagers are involved in the project. The refurbishment project was part of an art and education programme. The client had several requests for the five storey structure. They involve the living room that needed to be a multi functional space, the art studio, a library, the gallery, the dance studio and a rooftop garden. The building was divided into interactive workshops. The entire project was based on the concepts of creativity and freedom.

The design for the facade was something that all the members of the project agreed upon. All five levels of the building are linked by a central staircase. Each level has its own defining color theme. A new inverted L-shaped structure was created. This space includes the utilities and services areas. The building is obviously different from all the other structures in the area. It has a very bold and unique design, with bright colors and contemporary architecture.{found on archdaily}.

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