The Expression of Perfection by KB Design

There are houses that make us realize immediately the difference between an ordinary home and a distinguished one. It is the case of Armada House, located in Victoria, Canada, an ideal of perfection. The Canadian designer Keith Baker proved that perfection could be touched! It is everything a family could dream of: a stunning place, the best example of good use of space and materials at the same time. In spite of the many existent twists and curves, which could seem too much, the house is attractive with its modern exterior facade that makes us think more about a modern palace than an ordinary house.

Both the outdoor and the indoor are fabulous, very nice and functional. Not only the building is inviting, but also the surrounding area provides the perfect environment for such a contemporary house, a model of  practical and livable place, made of the highest quality materials. The wide glass windows offer great perspectives over the interior and the exterior, revealing the beauty of a dream house. If the surrounding area provides the perfect, the most modern place to spend your evenings or your free days in the company of your family and friends outdoors, the inside is the best example of elegance, simplicity and modernity you could think of.

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The living room and the kitchen are tastefully furnished in a harmony of colors the  wide- open space provides. Everything is perfect, from the floor, the split stairs, the amazing shower, to the decor, the curves and the flowers perfectly chosen. It is certainly an expression of perfection!



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