The Eco-Sustainable House Project by Djuric Tardio Architectes

This lovely but unusual two-storey residence is a project developed by Djuric Tardio Architectes. It’s a contemporary residence located in Antony, a small region in the southern suburbs of Paris, France. The house was built using a budget of €650.000 and it has been recently completed.

The house sits in an area where building regulations are very strict. The architects working on this project decided to propose a type of construction system that is still not released in urban areas and rather works for houses in less dense sites. Notice the unusual roof that this house has. It looks like an unfinished roof but it actually looks like this on purpose and has a specific function.

The roof is unusual for two reasons. One of them is related to aesthetics. It’s something different and this makes it stand out. Also, this type or roof is not closed and will not become a typical attic where people store all sorts of useless things or a waste space. It has been left open and transformed into a roof terrace. It’s an intimate space, sunny and quiet. It could become a suspended garden or a vegetable garden. The interior of the house is flexible and modular. It features two volumes. Each floor has giant sliding doors. The ground floor area includes a library/office and the first floor features a cinema.{found on homedsgn and pics by Clément Guillaume}

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