The Eclectic Hudson Tiny House And Its Lovely And Welcoming Interior

The Hudson, named after the river, is a small and mobile house that was designed by studio B&B Micro Manufacturing. Although there are many tiny houses on wheels out there, none is like this one. There are plenty of details about it that stand out.

Starting with the exterior, you’ll notice that the design is simple but not monotonous. The white panel siding adds a lovely farmhouse touch to the design while the contrasting black frames around the windows and doors bring a modern twist into view. Also, the angled roof has a very beautiful green color which complements the rest of the design really well without overcomplicating it. 

Moving on to the interior, there are a few things that immediately stand out. Unlike a lot of other tiny homes, this one doesn’t have a loft bedroom. Instead of splitting the interior space vertically, the designers chose a different approach. They combined the living room and the sleeping area into a single space. That way the ceiling doesn’t get in the way and the room feels a lot brighter and more open. The bed is positioned against the back wall, nicely framed by windows. Then there’s also a sofa which can be extended and turned into a full-size bed. 

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The Hudson also has a kitchen which is furnished with beautiful light blue cabinets. They provide plenty of storage and they add a bit of color and contrast to the interior as well. The upper cabinets frame a small window positioned in front of the sink.

There’s a small cooktop that takes up minimal space on the counter and a mini-fridge. The bathroom is right next to the kitchen. It’s small and features a black sink faucet that matches the one in the kitchen. It has a shower and a stylish vanity. In total, this house only measures 26’L x 13 1/2” H x 8 1/2” W. If that’s still too big for you, there’s also a smaller version which is only 20′ long. 



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