The Earth House by BCHO Architects in Seoul, Korea

For the Koreans, the late poet Yoon Dong-joo was an inspiration and this facility you see here was built to honor this great man. This house finished by BCHO architects is completely buried in the ground in Seoul, Korea and although underground, it has a lot to offer. This concrete lined residence has two courtyards with earth floors and interestingly all rooms are connected to these courtyards. The excavated earth makes as the rammed walls while pine trees have also been brought into use. I don’t know why the architect or owners of this house took the decision of having it built or better aid buried under ground, but this is actually a good thing: the temperature can be kept constant a lot easier because it is surrounded by earth instead of air and it insulatesthe house. The whole house is arranged so as to show connection to rough wood in any way possible. It may seem like too much, but it is actually quite pleasant to see wooden walls and floors and doors. It gives you the feeling of living in the woods. Even the bathtub is made of wood and there are some wood rings appearing on the wall from time to time, which increases the house appearance and makes it even more interesting.

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Photographs are by Wooseop Hwang



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