The Creative Green Design Of A Shipping Container Home

As expected, we are more and more concerned about the environment so green houses have started to become very popular. Architects and designers have come up with numerous creative ideas for homes made of sustainable materials. One such example is the WGH House. It’s made of shipping containers and it’s a very beautiful pre-fab single family home.

Located in Wuxi, China, this house has a contemporary design and it impresses with its green design. It’s a structure made of shipping containers and it has a sustainable bamboo façade and a green roof.

Moreover, it features a solar array and a rainwater harvesting system including permeable paving. All these features have been incorporated into a simple and chic Scandinavian design. The house measures approximately 2,000 square feet. It has an open plan living space, three bedrooms, an office and an open lofted space.

The house has been constructed out of three reused shipping containers. One is stacked on top of another to form the second floor and the third one is parallel to the ground level one.

They are all very well insulated and they have a bamboo clad exterior that gives the house a very beautiful look. The interior features strong Scandinavian influences, with a minimalist décor and colorful accents throughout. It’s warm,, inviting and filled with natural light thanks to all the skylights and windows.

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