The “Cracked” Family House

The so-called “cracked” house is a house with the location in Heyri Art Valley, somewhere in Paju, South Korea. It is an impressive building which has many modern designed rooms under the same roof; the idea of “cracked” stands for the shared space situated in the center. The house can be used both as two independent houses, if the members of the family feel the need to have some privacy, their own space in which nobody interferes, or as two parts in one house.

The entire building is as big as a block,  this modern house being spread over 3.000 square ft and it is definitely designed for families with a lot of members,designed by Mass Studies,.  The interior spaces offer a sort of modern continuity; the second floor has a rectangular form, the rooms are separated  in an intelligent manner and people can take advantage of every corner which is in fact a pretty wide space, the rooms being very large, simple and complex at the same time.

There are not many pieces of furniture just to fill in the space, on the contrary, there is a perfect proportion in everything, from shapes, wide glass windows, to colours and  details which give personality to a house; flowers, wood tables and chairs , lamps, all sorts of necessary devices, paintings to green concrete, stainless steel walls and the nice garden around this family residence.

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