The cozy La Luge cabin – a contemporary holiday attraction in Quebec

Located in Quebec, Canada, La Luge is a charming holiday cabin designed by YH2 Architects. It’s situated in the middle of the forest so it’s surrounded by nature and fresh air. Here you can relax and admire the snowy landscape. The cabin is surrounded by dense vegetation which ensures privacy and it’s equipped with everything the guests may need in order to feel comfortable and at home.

The cabin has a private spa which occupies almost a third of the space. In total, La Luge measures 1,300 square feet and it was designed to accommodate a large number of guests.

The overall design is compact and the cabin has a contemporary look, although the surrounding dictate a more traditional approach.

The interior has a flexible design and the different functions and spaces can be reconfigured in numerous different ways. This is possible thanks to the large sliding doors which separate the areas.

The children’s bedroom can easily become a guest bedroom or a play area and the same type of changes can be made to the other rooms as well. The cabin is designed as two volumes on different levels. One volume is brighter than the other and this makes it easy to distinguish between the two. However, the soothing atmosphere inside makes the whole cabin feel like a large cozy space.

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