The Corn Cribs Inspired Crib Prefab Facility

The Americans love corn cribs since eternity and the granary design has been a source of inspiration for many American designs to take form, the most recent one being the Crib Prefab by Maryland-based firm Broadhurst Architects. This is a facility which can be  used both as a backyard residence and even as a remote cabin. The word Prefab in the house nomenclature stands for the usage of prefabricated steel beam architecture which ironically helps in shunning the timber frame architecture. The shelter can easily be dismantled and moved and the process has purposely been kept simple, speaking volumes about the architectural firm involved.Also you can take a look at Best Prefab Homes Around The World. So if you want a remote place that is separated from the house and you don’t want to pay for ten years for that, a convenient and fast method is to use the Corn cribs inspired prefab facilities. So you will have your own office or study or simply a meditating room in a small facility made of prefabs looking like the old corn crib, but having a very modern interior, designed to your own taste.


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