The Cool Prefab Homes From Around the World

Prefab structures form a very interesting segment in the architecture and interior design world. They’re very flexible, versatile and customizable and are getting increasingly popular. It’s the prefab cabins that are the most famous of the bunch and that’s because they’re very convenient. There are quite a few amazing examples that stand out and we already have some in mind.

The ADU by Koto

Startup company Koto is the creator of the ADU homes which are tiny prefab cabins that can be delivered on site. They’re created in collaboration with American company Abodu and they have modern and modular designs. The cabins are designed to be highly versatile and can be used as vacation homes, guest houses, offices and studios or as general backyard extensions to existing residences.

The ADU cabins are limited to 14 feet in width which is around 4.2 meters. They’re compact and can be transported by truck straight to the site. Installation is quick and can require the use of cranes and other special equipment in some cases, which the company is fully equipped to handle. The design as a whole is simple and modern, offering numerous different possibilities for customization depending on how each cabin is used.

The rentable prefab home by NODE

One particular homeowner from Seattle saw the opportunity to invest in a prefab cabin which could be turned into a rental home. The cabin was designed and built by studios NODE and Wittman Estes and has a distinctive look thanks to its charred wood exterior. It’s a one-bedroom studio placed in the client’s backyard. It looks dashing but also simple and it fits nicely into its surroundings

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The cabin has become a new source of income for the client who rents it via Airbnb. What makes this such a great project is the fact that this prefab home is self-sustaining. It runs entirely on solar power and gets to be independent from the main house. The fact that it’s eco-friendly is definitely a plus. To top things off, the interior of this little prefab home is super chic and stylish.

KODA by Kodasema

Meet KODA, a tiny prefab home created by architecture and design studio Kodasema. The prototype was presented for the first time in 2015 at the Tallinn Architecture Biennale. It’s a small and sustainable structure which can be relocated and transported to the desired site. It’s also a smart home which learns from and adapts to its surroundings. It can potentially serve a multitude of purposes and thanks to its simple and modern design is remains highly flexible and versatile.

The A45 house by  BIG

The A45 prefab home is unusual to say the least. It has a very futuristic-looking design with a very geometric shape, angled walls and sharp lines and angles. The design evolved from the classic look of A-frame cabins with a few obvious modifications. It can also be customized in various different ways inside and out, allowing each home owner to create their own unique version perfectly suited to their lifestyle and needs.

Inside, the A45 homes are designed by BIG (Bjarke Ingels Group) and have square floor plans and 13 ft high ceilings. The roof is twisted 45 degrees and gives them a crystal-like shape. The 180 square foot interior is welcoming and more grand and spacious than anticipated. The sleek exterior design is also translated inside where we have beautiful wooden accents combined with classic and timeless black and white surfaces.

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The Petit Place home by RoosRos Architecten

This is Petit Place, a charming little house created by RoosRos Architecten. It’s designed to be fully modular and sustainable. That means it can be self-sufficient and potentially be used as an off-the-grid little retreat. This sort of flexibility and versatility makes prefab structures such as this one very appealing.

In addition to that, this tiny house also puts emphasis on comfort and looks. It’s simple and has very clean lines which means that it looks modern but also that it has the capacity to blend in with a variety of different environments. Location is of course important and that’s when the customizable and versatile nature of this project comes into play. It’s also important to mention that various different types of tiny houses are available with different proportions. They’re all ready-made and can be put together on site.

The Boat Rooms

This is a series of five boat houses/ suites located in Hangzhou, China. They’re part of the Fuchun New Century Wonderland Resort and they’re spread across the lake shore. They’re placed among the trees and two-thirds of their bodies are floating on water, making them visible. Each boat-shaped structure serves as a hotel room. This offers guests a unique and very unusual experience. Inside there’s sleeping, a small seating space at the front and a washing room at the back. at the center each boat room has a large skylight. This was a project done by The Design Institute of Landscape and Architecture China Academy of Art.



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