The Contemporary School of Nursing for St Angela’s College in Sligo

Sometimes our concentration and learning capacity is influenced more by external factors than internal ones. This is why we need a quiet, clean, well lighten, worm and beautiful place as a studying space. As studying places, schools need to have an attractive and welcoming design for a more friendly approach and the learning process. In 2005 the architects form Moloney O’Beirne Architects received the task to design the School of Nursing for Angella’s College in Sligo, Ireland. The whole project has 2,000 sqm and it’s an architectural success.

The new project needed to be applied on the south side of the existing campus buildings, in a way that didn’t cover the other buildings lake view. The solution was integrating views from existing buildings with the landscapes, by a sedum roof. This new part of the building offers a natural contour for the first floor level. On the ground floor we may observe campus shared spaces and secure clinical skill rooms. The second floor has a library. The ground floor is also seen as a social area that comes out to make a platform for the summer time.

The main architectural purpose was to break any boundaries between internal and external spaces, to create a more natural and cosy place for learning. The design is very modern ang gathers rock stairs, a timber clad box, a tall entry and glass walls made to give the impression of nature entering the indoor space.{found on archdaily}.

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