The contemporary MP House, a light and simple structure with a functional design

The MP House is located in Salinas de Oro, Jaitz, Spain, only a few meters away from the sea. It’s a contemporary creation and it was designed by OmasC Arquitectos in 2012. It sits on a narrow trapezoidal plot and benefits from a wonderful orientation with the main rooms facing South and the others oriented towards North.The property is functionally structured into private and public areas.

A path covered with concrete slabs separate the zones. The ground floor of the house consists of public spaces such as the living room, the dining room and the kitchen. Large sliding glass doors connect these spaces to the exterior areas. The basement level contains the utility room, the garage and a multifunctional space. The first floor is divided into two separate areas by a double-height central piece. On one side are two children’s bedrooms while the master bedroom is on the other.

Overall, the house seems very light and very simple. With such a functional internal structure, it’s easy to see how this property can be both fun and relaxing. It’s a wonderful and peaceful place where both adults and children can enjoy their favorite activities without interfering with each other. Also, the design of the residence is very beautiful. It’s simple but it also feels warm and inviting. It’s a contemporary house with a great location and a great design.{found on archdaily and pics by Duosegno Visual Design}.

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