The Contemporary Maison Keiffer Residence

Maison Keiffer is a very interesting residence because of the context it is placed in. The residence itself is not that impressive. It’s a contemporary house with a neat, minimalist design and the usual large windows and glass walls. But the interesting thing is that the house is situated in a neighborhood populated by traditional structures so what would normally be just a regular contemporary home is here an eye-catching, unique building.

The residence was a project by Luxembourg practice Steinmetzdemeyer. It’s located in Luxembourg and has a design that tries to balance a series of traditional elements within a contemporary design. As a result, the architects chose to maintain the gabled roof design that the rest of the surrounding residences have in order to allow it to integrate more or less into the landscape. They also chose red cedar cladding for all the exterior surfaces for a uniform, linear look.

The triangular side of the house features black cement fiber panels and contrasts with the lumber planks in terms of both texture and color. The residence features glass doors on the ground floor and this opens the interior towards the outdoor areas. The upper level contains the children’s rooms and features an elongated former window that cancels the sloped ceilings and maximizes the play areas. For the master and guest bedrooms the gable was preserve in order to create a cozy atmosphere.{found on designboom}.

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