The Contemporary Jigsaw Residence in Maryland

Located in the affluent town of Bethesda, Maryland, USA, this contemporary home was a project developed b Virginia-based design house Jameson Architects. It was a daring project completed in 2010 that incorporates a lot of modern and luxurious elements. The house features a modern design, with a chic touch. It was built for a private client that had a very clear image of what he wanted.

The requirements were to built a contemporary home with a relaxing and tranquil design, with a minimalist look but, in the same time, with a stylish and luxurious appearance. The house is surrounded by beautiful landscape and the architects working at this project decided to use that in their favor. They’ve incorporated many floor-to-ceiling windows into the house’s design and they’ve also created a tranquil terrace to go with the house. The owners can also enjoy relaxing moments in the outdoor swimming pool.

The house was not built from scratch. On that area there was an old suburban house that was used to create an open air courtyard. The house is called Jigsaw because of its design, a combination of interlocked puzzle-like volumes, connected to each other. The house also has a design that makes it seem like an unclear combination of indoor and outdoor spaces. This is a contemporary touch. This, together with the floor-to-ceiling windows, allows the owners to enjoy the beautiful views from every part of the house.{pics by Paul Warchol Photography}

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