The contemporary and functional Castlecrag Residence in Australia

This contemporary beauty is a private residence located in Sydney, Australia. It’s an architectural masterpiece and it was designed by CplusC Architectural Workshop. It’s situated in the Castlecrag neighborhood which also gave the name of the project.

The residence was designed to take advantage of its location but to also offer only the best in terms of comfort and functionality. Visually, the house is quite imposing. The exterior shape and design are simple but complex. The house features a series of geometrical forms that intersect and work together to form this contemporary masterpiece. There are many architectural and design details that could be admired and, even though they are simple, they are very elegant and eye-catching.

Another important aspect related to this project is the fact that the house is not only beautiful but it’s also sustainable. Also, the indoor and outdoor connection is very strong. The numerous frameless glass structures and thin slatted wood pieces extend the deck and bring together the indoor and outdoor areas. As for the interior design, it’s modern and simple with lots of built-in features and bright colors. The house is airy and very well organized. The décor is clean and simple and yet it’s elegant with a touch or sophistication. The main colors used throughout are white, brown and grey, with touches of bright red.

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