The compact Izukougen house by Atelier Shinya Miura

This lovely house is located in Shizuoka, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan. It’s a quite small house that sits on an area of 105.17 square meters. Because of the narrow shape of the site, the architects had to carefully design the residence as to take full advantage of the land. The Izukougen house was a project by Atelier Shinya Miura.

The ho9use was a designed for a couple that enjoys living in the forest resort area. They like being close to the ocean and being surrounded by nature and it’s why they loved this site, despite its small size. The narrow strip of land was definitely a challenge. The architects needed to carefully think every little detail and to carefully structure the house. Moreover, they also had to take into consideration the clients’ desires. They wanted their home to feel open and airy and to allow them to enjoy a close connection to the nature.

To make that possible, the architects designed the house with three internal courtyards. These small but refreshing insertions provide a sense of opening and create a very strong and natural indoor-outdoor connection. Also, they allow the functional delimitation of the internal spaces while also providing natural light and ventilation. The house also benefits from beautiful views of the ocean in the distance and the gardens that surround the site.{found on archdaily}.

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