The Cloud House

When we are little we make fun of many things. Usually kids amuse themselves of things like a funny face, a cute animal, a strange noise or an interesting shape. For them life is a world full of funny things that make them laugh all day long. And nothing compares with a kid’s smile on his or her face! It makes your heart melt of joy and emotion!

I remind myself beautiful moments when I was a kid and one of the funny things that I used to do was to watch the sky and notice the clouds which seemed to have various amusing shapes.But what do you think of living in a real cloud house?

This thing is possible if you go to the South of France. More exactly, near a lake there is a cloud shaped house called “Le Nuage” (“The Cloud”) which is located outside of Bordeaux, in Southwestern France.

“The Cloud” is made of wood and plexiglass and it is a great place for those who do not want too much luxury have not too many pretensions. It is a wonderful refuge where you can enjoy a lot of peacefulness and privacy or where you can spend great moments with your friends or the members of your family. This retreat place may accommodate you and six other persons if you make a reservation on Facebook.{found on}

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