The Clearhouse Lets You Take In All The Beauty Nature Has To Offer With Its Sleek Design

Located in Shelter Island, New York, the Clearhouse is a contemporary residence designed by Michael P. Johnson. It features a very clean and straight-forward design and benefits from a wonderful location. The house is a cantilever building supported by sleek metal beams and has a rectangular shape.

The views the house offers are absolutely amazing. The landscape is extraordinary and even more beautiful when admired from the large terrace. The transparent glass safety walls encasing the terrace let you take in all this beauty without obstructing the view.

Glass makes up a big part of the building. Aside from the terrace walls, the house also has floor-to-ceiling glass walls in all te rooms, both on the ground floor and on the upper level.

The views from the dining room are spectacular. The glass walls offer protection but allow nature to become part of the décor. Also, the wood furniture and decorations further emphasize this connection.

The ground floor houses the social areas. A big and comfy sofa is the focal point of the living area while the kitchen and the dining area are positioned on the other side of the volume.

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The kitchen is partially hidden behind this wall but remains easily accessible. It too has huge glass walls which offer it lots of natural light as well as stunning views.

You can best admire the landscape from the bedroom which is situated on the upper level. It’s encased in glass walls and features a minimalistic décor. This way nature becomes the accent detail the room needs to look spectacular.

This minimalistic design you see throughout the house beautifully incorporates a number of luxurious and snazzy features such as this amazing sunken tub which lets you admire the views while also getting the privacy you need.

It’s wonderful how the design and the architecture of the house were adapted to the terrain and to everything the site had to offer, including the views of the lake and the lush forest.



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