The Children Activity and Learning Centre in Thailand

If you ever go to Koh Kood Island in Thailand, you will be amazed to see an imposing building made only of eco materials, a building that houses the Children Activity and Learning Centre. This building is designed to be able to cover all these functions: auditorium, cinema, library, music room, fashion room, etc.

This entire building is meant to be used by children and for the children, for their education and activities. And since it is very important to teach them about ecology and preserving nature, they used only ecologic materials when building it. So the structure and the roof are made of Thai bamboo and the interior is also made of a local wood and rattan and the dome has an unusual, yet impressive shape of a Manta-ray. Everything about this building is natural and totally adjusted for the local climate, so the giant roof protects the building from the heavy rains and the “airy” interior makes it easier for those staying in to bear the heat.

The fact that this centre for the children is placed on a rocky slope near the ocean offers a great natural view and also offers the opportunity to use the sunlight during the whole day, so no electricity is required, making it a pollution-free area. The main architects that worked on this projects were Boris Zeisser, Maartje Lammers from 24 H Architecture and the client is Six Senses, Bangkok.

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