The Chic San Lorenzo Residence Featuring Steel And Glass Spaces

The San Lorenzo Residence is located in Los Angeles, California and it has been designed and built by Mike Jacobs Architecture. Its construction was completed in 2012. The residence was created for a local client and it has a contemporary design with many eye-catching elements. The location is very beautiful. Sitting at the end of a canyon road, the residence is surrounded by beautiful landscape. It has a private interior garden to the south and a golf course to the north.

As for the residence’s design and structure, it’s all simple and modern. The communal spaces are mainly steel and glass structures. The residence is organized into two L-shaped zone. The first one is an open enclosure with transparent walls which also containers the veranda. It’s made of steel and glass and it incorporated the main living spaces, the garden, the pool and the theatre. The second L-shaped volume is an opaque structure made of stucco and cedar. It contains the private bedroom and the service spaces.

As a conclusion to this aspect, we can say that the two volumes are meant to separate the public spaces from the private areas. The two volumes are very different and they each reflect their function in a beautiful design. The residence is organized around a large and open living space. it has pocket sliding doors that open the space to the garden and large windows which provide panoramic views to the surroundings while also letting light get inside the house. The large openings also help ventilate the space.

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A modern staircase connects the terraced living spaces and the exterior and it also leads to the theatre below. There’s also a secondary staircase that provides access to the private room and to the service areas. This way traffic is limited in certain zones but there’s always a constant interchange between all the spaces.



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