The Chic Harbourview Hills Home by Laidlaw Schultz Architects

This stylish contemporary home is located in Corona del Mar, an affluent neighborhood in the city of Newport Beach, California. It was a project by Californian-based design studio Laidlaw Schultz Architects. The clients requested a modern home with simple architecture and with a stylish design. They wanted something unique and something that would stand out.

The house also needed to be suitable for the clients’ expanding family so their architects needed to keep that in mind when designing and structuring the house. The location was great. The house sits on a quiet street, private and perfect for the clients and their growing family. The team designed the house with a functionally structured interior. The private and the public areas are separated and delimited by a simple line. At the entrance, a punctuated wall is visible. It has a sliding panel that reveals the garage door and creates a connection between these spaces.

The same sliding panel also offers access to the interior courtyard. There’s a very strong connection between the interior and exterior spaces. The property also includes an outdoor fireplace and a beautiful pool. There’s also an outdoor area separated by sliding doors. There’s a certain continuity between these spaces. When the sliding doors and opened, the house can be easily turned into a sort of outdoor pavilion. The interior is minimalist, with large windows and glass sliding doors. The furniture is modern and very simple and the colors used are mostly neutral with some inserts of blue and orange.

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