The Brown Residence, A Combination Between Glass&Steel

The Arizona desert is not very welcoming. Nevertheless, there are plenty of beautiful residences there that are perfect for everyday living. The Brown Residence is just one of them. Located in Scottsdale, Arizona, United States, this particular residence is very modern and welcoming.

In terms of material, it seems to be a very interesting combination of glass and steel. The house features multiple windows that allow the users to admire the beautiful landscape. The location is particularly interesting because it faces the beautiful desert mountainscape and not the neighbouring residences. That’s always a plus. So it offers both incredible views and privacy. It’s basically what everyone wants from their dream home. The surrounding nature is very inspiring.

Despite the large number of windows the heat from the outside doesn’t get inside so the atmosphere is pleasant. The residence also features a very nice an outdoor fire pit and a large pool where the owners can relax and have fun when the weather is not trapping them inside. Overall, this modern residence seems to be able to ignore the harsh desert and to offer a great place to live. The residence was designed by Lake|Flato Architects and the project year is 2009. It was a successful project and the goal has been achieved, by created a great home that perfectly blends into the surrounding area.

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