The bright and simple M2 House and the amazing views behind it

When building a house there are two things to take into consideration. The first one is the actual design and everything related to it such as internal structure, interior décor, etc. and the second one is the exterior and the way it influences the residence and its design. You have to take into consideration the orientation of the house, the views and the whole balance that is created between the internal spaces and the exterior.

A wonderful balance can be seen in the case of the M2 House. Located in Bozen, Italy, this residence impresses with its clean, simple and very fresh design but also with the amazing views surrounding it.

There’s a contrast between the bright and transparent house and the rocky landscape behind it but, at the same time, this contrast also creates balance and beauty and allows each feature to stand out more. The M2 House was designed by monovolume architecture + design.

The crisp and clean color palette chosen for this project gives the house a very fresh and also sophisticated look. As for the design and structure, the house contains two accommodations under one roof. Each floor is a separate area. They share a cohesive design, with glass facades and open and airy spaces. The overhanging roof offers protection and shade and a continuous wall separates the day area from the night spaces.

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