The Bookshop from the Gothic Church

I would spend my entire day in a bookshop. The smell of fresh printed books and the fact that you are surrounded by the thoughts of famous people makes you feel like you’re in Heaven. For me, at least, a bookshop is a piece of Heaven. Imagine if this piece of Heaven is in a former 13th Century Gothic Church. Is the perfect place for me. Designed by the architects of Merks + Girod Architecture studio from Amsterdam, this bookshop was made in the town of Maastricht, Nederlands.

So, the best description for this place is that it is an amazing combination between history and contemporarily, and according to the architects: “Selexyz Dominicanen is a project with multiple souls, where tradition and innovative solutions come together over a good book and a good cup of coffee.” Is a very good description for a very nice place. But the best thing is that you can see the difference between old and new, because on a part of the building you can clearly observe the old columns of the church and on the other part there are a lot of modern bookshelves. They well contrasted this aspect.

Taking advantage of the magnificent architecture of the church, but not having to many space, the designers had to insert an over-sized walk-in bookcase. That brought plenty of space for exposing books from all over the world. This impressing bookcase was created by Keijsers Interior Projects, and found his place in the right part of the building.

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With thematic islands and a café area with a table in shape of a crucifix, you will sure find your peace reading a good book and enjoying the pleasant atmosphere. And you will find all the books you want, because the shop has showcases 25,000 books and 45,000 volumes. And with 700,000 visitors each year this contemporary Dutch building, was awarded the Lensvelt de Architect prize in 2007. So, if you`re going to Maastricht, buy a book from here.



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