The blue building in Rotterdam

I don’t like dull things inside or outside the house. That is why if you open my wardrobe you will certainly have a headache to see all those colours put together. And I also think houses should be painted in vivid colours, so that they can liven up the atmosphere of a city and not just all grey and white.

So I found this unusual building all painted in blue that is located in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. It looks impossibly blue and you can find it in the borough of Delfshaven. Actually this building was painted blue almost by mistake, with no initial purpose for this.

It used to be a derelict building and it was supposed to be demolished, but some company painted it blue and this way it became a Rotterdam landmark over night. Now people from all over the world come to photograph it and are really amazed to see this old building still standing and all covered with a thin layer of paint. I don’t know what the future will bring for this blue building, but it is pretty interesting as it is right now.


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