The Black Facade MPO9 Headquarters by GSarchitects

A new and distinctive addition to the Graz city in Austria is the MPO9 Headquarters. This contemporary piece of architecture was designed by GSarchitects and it present a new vision. Even though it seems highly unusual, the building is actually physically and sculpturally sustainable.

The new building is also called “the black panther”. It presents a new vision in terms of design and form. The building is elegant and smooth and it actually seems very dynamic in comparison with the other surrounding buildings. The new office building was named after the owner of the firm whose name is Michael Pachleitner but who is also known as Black Panther. As you might have guesses, the building was intended as a landmark at the city’s entrance.

The projects for this imposing building started in 2006 when the Pachleitner Group set up competitions for an office and hotel building as well as a headquarters building. The detail planning and the scheduled completion date ere immediately started afterwards. This impressive 32-million euro project started in summer 2007 and was completed in May 2010.

The new building is located on the Liebenau ring-road. It resembles a sculpture more than an actual office building. The façade is covered with black glass and the compact base is made of concrete. As for the interior, the whole furniture was custom-made by the architects.{found on architezer}

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