The Black Box House With An Inviting And Cozy Interior

This is the Black Box, a contemporary residence located in Lyon, France. It has an unusual and catchy name but the design of the house is not very common either. In fact, it literary resembles a black box. The house was designed by Tectoniques architects and it sits on a 220 square meter site.

The residence was entirely prefabricated and then built in less than a week. Imagine how surprised the neighbors were when they suddenly saw a new house on what only a few days ago used to be an empty plot. Even though it was a surprise, the house doesn’t really stand out. It rather blends into the surroundings. It sits between a 19th century dense area to the south and a series of more modern structured to the north. It’s not imposing in terms of size either.

In fact, if anything this house makes the transition between two periods and two architectural visions so we could safely say that it was a perfect addition in the area. The house features a steel doors and a mysterious façade. The interior however is very inviting and cozy. The public and private areas are separated. The house has four identical floors of 60 square meters each. It has been prefabricated and very quickly put together on the site for several reasons. One was the small dimensions of the site that would have made everything a lot more difficult. Also, it was easier this way and a lot quicker.{found on archdaily}

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