The Birchgrove House Connected with Nature by Pearse Architects

The Birchgrove House is a modern residence, the result of a collaboration between Pearse Architects and Brian Kiernan. They clients were keen gardeners who wanted to have a close connection and relationship to the nature. As a result, the architects had to make the garden the star of their project, which was quite unusual.

They had to create an extension to an already existing house. It consisted in adding a second floor above the garden and this structure was predetermined by the house. They didn’t have many options when designing the project. However, they needed to find a way to make the transition between the existing spaces and the new addition as smooth as possible. To do that, they opted for a pond. It’s a feature that complements the garden and also brings it closer to the house on all levels.

Since the clients were very passionate about nature and gardening, they wanted to preserve the palm trees that surrounded the house. They had built these trees when they first bought the property so they also had a symbolic and sentimental value. The house is very beautiful, especially since it’s surrounded by beautiful vegetation. It’s the owner’s dream home, the place where they always feel comfortable and welcomed and the place that perfectly meets their needs and taste. It’s also a modern property that they’ll be able to enjoy for many years to come.

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