The Best Tips for a Split Level House Remodel

There will be many challenges when engaging in a split level house remodel, but there are also many prospects for updates and changes, which can make the home more inviting and comfortable. The best tips for a split level remodel are to learn as much as possible about the specific pros and cons and then start out simple.

Split Level House Remodel

Modern Split-Level House Remodel Garage Home Interior Plans

Split Level House Remodel Ideas

It is important to keep in mind that in many split-level floor plans, various amenities found in other homes may not exist, and may be difficult to replicate. This may be especially true of open, airy spaces and combined living areas found in more modern house plans. Home additions can also be tricky, due to the placement of load-bearing walls and exterior design elements. Stairways that connect the different levels must be taken into consideration as they generally cannot be removed.

Remodel Home Interior Split Level Basement Design Ideas

Other conveniences may not be available in split level floor plans, such as a private bath upstairs or a guest bath on the main floor. These are two popular upgrades sought by many when considering a split level renovation. Keep in mind that it is simpler and more cost-effective to hook into existing plumbing, so adding a bathroom above or below current plumbing is generally best if possible.

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Modern House Edina Split level home remodel ideas

Space is another issue when considering a Split Level House Remodel, as the existing space tends to be chopped up into many small rooms. The homeowner must decide where he or she is willing to sacrifice space in order to add improvements. If the convenience of a master bath is more important to the homeowner than a walk-in closet, using this space or at least some of it may be a good option. If there is a seldom-used guest room, using part of this space to add another bathroom may be a good idea.

Opening up the floor plan is another popular choice in split level exterior remodel. Due to the location of load-bearing walls, however, it may be impossible to remove certain walls entirely. A pass-through from the kitchen to the dining area or other seating area may be a more viable option, which will still open up the spaces to some degree. A counter with beams is sometimes used to replace a full wall as well.

Misa Constructions Split Level Home Interior Remodeling Ideas

While a Split Level House Remodel may appear to be the only answer to updating a tired interior, many upgrades can actually be achieved through cosmetic changes alone. This is because split level house designs were popular many years ago, which means many of the interior elements are quite dated. Updating color schemes goes a long way. New flooring and wall treatments can also have a big impact. Replacing dated carpeting and removing or revamping dark paneling can lighten, brighten, and update a home with less time, effort, and cost.

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Split Level House Remodel



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