The best small house of 2011 by Domenic Alvaro

What you see here is the house that received the world architecture festival award for best house of 2011 for ‘small house’. The residence was designed by architect Domenic Alvaro of international practice woods bagot. It’s a single-family residence located in Surry Hills, Sydney, Australia. It has a 7 by 6 meter footprint and a compact design.

The five-level residence is an impressive structure both seen from outside as well as form the inside. The private areas are placed within a windowless structure at the ground level while the public areas are situated on the upper floors and are filled with natural light. The main entry features a garage as well as a staircase that leads to the master bedroom and bath from the first floor.

There’s also a matching open riser stairway that allows access to the living area, the study area and the roof terrace. The roof terrace also features a garden filled with plants and even trees. The structure of this residence is odd at first but it all starts to make sense once you see all the rooms and start to realize why they have been divided in such a way. I particularly like the exterior design of this residence. It’s very compact, very simple and very mysterious but once you get inside it gets inviting and cozy.{found on designboom}

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