The beautifully balanced Casa Lola from Brasil

In Brasil, in a small fishing villa called Trancoso, lies a very beautiful and charming house. It’s a modest place but it’s very beautiful and it impresses in a very lovely way. Casa Lola, as it is called, is a beautiful example of perfect balance. Not only that is has a simple design but everything about it is just perfect.

Casa Lola is an exquisite mix of materials. It has been built with a keen eye for balance and it features a combination of glass, wood and cement that is not uncommon in its essence but surprising in the way it has been used and in the way each material preserves its characteristics and nature and merges with the whole and the context to create a very harmonious design. This property has a unique way of taking something simple and turning it into something spectacular while also preserving its simplicity and authenticity.

Overall, Casa Lola seems like a perfect reflection of the town that’s its home. It’s a modest home but it has many beautiful details that make it unique and turn it into a spectacular example of fine architectural and design. I particularly like the choice of materials. The indoor-outdoor connection is very strong and everything seems to be in perfect sink with everything else and with the landscape.

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Inside, the house features exposed wooden beams, wooden furniture that doesn’t aim at being perfect but rather at being natural and a series of unique details. Even though the materials used are not defined by finesse and warmth in particular, here they make this house feel very inviting and cozy as well as charming and stylish in its own way. It’s not what you use but how you use it that’s important. Casa Lola is the perfect example for that.



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