The Basket Building in Ohio

If you like unusual things and want to admire unusual buildings then you must go to Ohio, USA. It does not sound that interesting, but it is, believe me. Here you can admire the world’ s largest basket- shaped building. It is actually an office building and it houses the headquarters of Longaberger Basket Company. I guess that explains the unusual shape.

The guy who founded this company, Dave Longaberger, was a visionary and realized the huge opportunity to make picnic baskets and shopping baskets. And his ideas brought him fortune. So, as a thank to the apparently innocent and unimportant item, he decided to move his company headquarters into this unusually shaped building.

It is an accurate replica of a normal shopping basket and is now one of the main touristic attractions of the town.The design is perfect and accurate and all the details are preserved. For example the building has two handles attached, just like any normal picnic basket. These handles are constantly heated during the winter months so as to avoid ice and snow deposits on them.

This unique looking building was finished in December 1997 and has been housing the company’ s headquarters ever since. So if you ever go in or near Newark, Ohio, do not hesitate and visit this unique building just for the sake of seeing a true record.

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