The Bank of America Tower by Cook + Fox Architects

The Bank of America Tower at One Bryant Park in midtown New York is not just an impressive building in terms of size but also a project that set new standards for commercial constructions and office-related environments. This tower was actually the first commercial high-rise to achieve LEED Platinum certification, after that becoming a new model for the rest of the buildings to be constructed.

In an effort to redefine and reinvent the way commercial buildings are designed, the architects working at this project planned the tower more as a glass box than as a cold and compact structure. This way the connection to the outdoors is taken to a whole new level. The light can easily get through the glass walls and the interior is very bright and airy. The tower has 55 levels. It was a 2.2 million square foot project and a fresh and modern addition to the area. It’s a natural addition to the existing architectural context.

The Bank of America Tower was a project by Cook + Fox Architects. It might seem like a typical cold office building but it’s in fact a very fresh structure. It has green roofs and an Urban Garden Room that brings the outdoors in. Moreover, the glass walls provide lots of natural light, making the atmosphere airy and pleasant. The tower has been insulated using sustainable materials. Also, the curtain wall is made of low-e glass and heat-reflecting ceramic frit. The architects also implemented a series of water-saving measures when planning the buildings. They included waterless urinals and greywater recycling and rainwater harvesting systems into the design. The project was completed in May 2010.{found on archdaily}.

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