The Award-Winning Aurland Lookout in Norway

Some regions of the world offer unique and amazing views. Those areas deserve to be admired but not necessarily from the cozyness of a house, hotel or any other similar structure. The beauty of those areas lies in their unexplored nature. Those are areas that deserve to remain as such so it would be really selfish to use them for our personal benefit. But a lookout, on the other hand, would be something that everyone can enjoy and it would be especially designed to allow us to admire the natural beauty of the landscape.

The Aurland Lookout is located in Norway and it’s an award-winning contemporary structure designed by Bergen-based architect Todd Saunders and Røyneberg-based Tommie Wilhelmsen. It was completed in 2006 and the main principle behind this project was to place nature first and architecture second. The architects tried to create a structure that would have as little impact on the natural surroundings as possible. They wanted to protect the nature and the landscape but to also allow us to admire them in their entire beauty.

The architects tried to avoid inserting too many elements into the site so they opted for a minimalist design with an expressive form. This way they managed to conserve and also to complement the natural habitat. The Aurland Lookout has 30 viewpoints. It’s a 4m structure that stretches out 30m wide over the pine trees. It’s only 9 meters high but it captures the entire scenery.

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