The artistic Johnny Detiger residence by studioMDA

This very stylish loft was designed for painter and sculptor artist Johnny Detiger. It’s a spacious 4,260 square meter loft and it’s located in NoHo, New York City, Manhattan. The loft was designed by studioMDA. They chose a different approach for this residence. Instead of going with the popular open plan, a very common choice in this neighborhood, they opted for a gallery-like approach.

The loft distinguishes itself from the rest of the apartments in the neighborhood not just because of the internal structure and the designers’ unusual approach but also because of the original and very stylish interior décor. Here, the living room is clearly separated from the sleeping spaces. They each have their own design and character and they have unique decors. It’s obvious that this loft is unlike any other one but it’s difficult to say which ones are the exact elements that make it stand out. It’s the whole décor that impresses in each room.

The architecture of the loft is a combination of classic and modern. There are no moldings on the ceiling and no exposed beams. However, there are several black columns that delimitate certain areas and create a great visual impact. As for the furniture, it’s always casual and chic. Comfort comes first, but not without style and a hint of spectacular. There are several color palettes that are intersected in this loft. They include shades of white, black, gray and gold and they are always beautifully combined.

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